Get the Dynamics 365 SDK Tools

As of Dynamics 365 version 9.x there is no longer a Microsoft provided download for the SDK. The following are options to get the tools

Install Tools via npm
Using npm

Using node package manager you can install and update the SDK Tools on your local machine

npm install -g d365sdktools

Use command d365sdk-update to download tools to current directory

Use command d365sdk-update --dir c:\sdk to download tools to a specific directory

Rerun the d365sdk-update command to update the folder to the latest tools

Download SDK Tools Zip
Download a single Zip File

This zip file contains Core Tools, Plugin Registration Tool, and Package Deployer runtime

Download SDK Zip File

After you download, you must right-click properties and unblock the file before you unzip it locally

This zip file is updated daily to pickup any changes from

Use PowerShell to Download
Using PowerShell

Using the script on the following page you can download the tools

Get PowerShell Script
Manual Download (most work)
Using the manual approach

By visiting each download page, you can download the nuget packages, rename to .zip, and then unzip the nuget package

Core Tools  i 
Configuration Migration Tool  i 
Package Deployment Tool  i 
Plugin Registration Tool  i